Pairing personal potential to professional goals in order to achieve optimum results.

Coaching in:

  • Career management: vision, decision, presentation and distinction. Finding your niche in the job market.
  • Communication skills: influence, holding attention, win-win in delegating, convincing and negotiating.
  • Performance: confidence building, resilience despite setbacks and opposition, using team dynamism to propel success.
  • Vitality: charisma, energy management, stress-coping skills, re-integration after illness.
  • Cross-cultural dynamics: Benefiting from cultural diversity while being aware of pitfalls and misunderstandings.

Coaching options

  • Programme: 5 to 8 one on one sessions with a clear theme and structure. A thorough intake meeting serves to explore and define the coaching goals.
    Caroline provides ‘homework’ between sessions in the form of questions and assignments. These aid reflection and enable the practical implementation of new insights or approaches.
  • Separate sessions: These may be one or more 2- 3 hours sessions on a specific topic and are aimed at learning new skills. Examples: how to sustain high performance and motivation, how to become a leader of your team, how to give an original presentation or personal pitch, how to cope with acute stress and mitigate performance anxiety.
  • Workshops: tailor-made to fix the needs and wishes of your organisation or department.


Caroline’s legal background, her insight into character and ability to lead conversations has proved effective in dealing with simmering office conflicts. She is able to penetrate to the core of the issue in a non-confrontational manner and engages those involved in actively pursuing a viable solution.



And numerous private individuals who call upon Caroline Allertz for coaching or advice: lawyers, accountants, managers and directors, expats, those returning to work after a burn-out or illness, experts who after years of specialization seek new challenges in their current field or in a new career path.

More about Caroline


Caroline Allertz is an experienced executive coach, career advisor and talent developer. She is completely bilingual in English (mother tongue) and Dutch.

Her family moved from South Africa to the Netherlands when she was a teenager, and the culture shock prompted a lifelong fascination for cross-cultural communication and aspects of personal adaptability. After graduating as a lawyer from VU University Amsterdam, she began het career as a trainee solicitor in Scotland. Subsequent career switches brought her into the fields of financial management and project management (in an international marketing company). Caroline knows first-hand what it takes to operate succesfully in a demanding, ever-changing commercial environment. She enjoyed the dynamics but found her most fitting role as a coach and advisor.

She has been self employed since 2004 when she founded her own company: ALLERTZ CONSULTANCY.


Her style is both analytical and intuitive: in-depth inquiry in a positive, creative atmosphere. In her experience learning occurs best when there is a structured framework with space for associative thinking and improvisation. Focus in on the present and the future. Past experiences and convictions will be addressed if they continue to limit current performance and confidence.


  • Post-graduate training in Career Coaching (Adviesbureau Hoogendijk)
  • Bio-dynamic Psychology (2 year course), Clinical psychology (1 year)
  • Life Coaching, Business consultancy
  • Multicultural management
  • Relevant seminars, congresses and workshops (annually)
  • Master of Laws degree (LLM) in Dutch and International Law, VU University Amsterdam.


  • Certified coach and career advisor (NOLOC: Nederlandse Orde voor Loopbaanadviseurs en carrière coaches)
  • Certified by Achmea insurance (QSN approval)


    For further information or to make an appointment for an introductory meeting: please fill in this contact form, or phone +31-356210788.